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We are serious about talent.

If you really enjoy gastronomy, you've come to the right place. 

  • Fun - you should understand and be able to have fun. We are a happy team and look forward to meeting you. What are you still waiting for?

  • Servility - Be willing to serve but never to be servants. We are service providers and do the job at the Geast gladly, with respect and dignity.

  • Reliability - We attach great importance to reliability. This includes punctuality and honesty. We are all people and like to talk to each other.

  • Passion - No question, if you want to work in gastronomy, you need passion. For every move and every word. Do you have it? Then go for it!

Available jobs


We are currently looking for cooks at Cielo. Can you cook well? Do you already have experience in gastronomy? Come and join us. You can expect a great environment and exciting tasks.


Do you like working with guests and know how to spoil people and make them happy in the restaurant business? That's great. We are looking for you. Apply as a service assistant with us at Cielo.


Are you ready? Do you want the bar? You know how to handle drinks and have mastered the basic rules of making cocktails? Then you will apply very quickly now. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Online application

The easiest way is to apply directly here online.
This saves time and protects the environment. We can react faster and you will receive a message from us sooner.